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About Blackmoonclan
Of The Blackmoon Clan was created in 2008 by Katotan, Killamenjaro and myself, Brunco.
This makes OTBC one of the oldest guilds on the server. We chose Shandris because it is a medium population realm that allows players to create relationships with other players and guilds, while still maintaining a competitive raiding scene.
After a couple years of casual raiding we reached top progression on Shandris; OTBC then merged with a guild called Defiance to create Rebirth.
We successfully ran Rebirth to one of the top guilds on the server before we decided it was time to take a break; Rebirth however continued to strive with some of the old OTBC members and new recruits.

With the latest expansion allowing a reset we have jumped right back into progression and are currently the only 25man guild on Shandris.
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Siege is coming!

by Dorkamus, 246 days ago

So Blizz finally gave the word that Patch 5.4 will be coming out August 27th and we do plan on pushing Siege that day. Please be prepared for the upcoming patch and make sure you know all the changes that will be happening. Blackmoon Clan will have a presence on this tier and we will make ourselves known. Thank you and please have fun with the rest of the patch.

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